Belinda Nadwie

Belinda Nadwie creates abstracted landscapes that traverse emotional, psychological and spiritual experience. Working with a mixture of mediums, she captures a spectrum of moods and the viewer can choose where they sit in this vast panorama of emotion.

Belinda paints intuitively without preconception, each work reading like a painterly stream of consciousness that allows the viewer fleeting glimpses into her inner world. ‘Colour and balance are my passion’ says Belinda, ‘My expressions are all feeling–based.’ Although the works are non-representational, there are moments in which physical landscapes flicker across the canvas, reminding us of the enduring force of nature.

For Belinda, her paintings express the subjectivity of positivity, symbolising the power of the mind in choosing a positive outlook despite challenging circumstances. The artist reflects ‘it’s about being at peace with oneself, being present in the moment and embracing light and positivity.’


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